Touch Technology and the plan for 2015

2014 was an exciting and wild year for Mesa Mundi.  We spent a lot of time racing to get ahead of our work loads and to stay on top of some exciting new technologies.  One of the more amazing experiences from the last year was the further development of our relationship with Flatfrog - a Swedish touch technology manufacturer.  Flatfrog and Mesa Mundi Inc. have partnered up to produce large format, zero bezel screen overlays which will be debuting the beginning of March at PAX East and then displaying at DSE and possible SXSW.  March is going to be very busy.

This technology brings the wonders and cost of IR into direct alignment to challenge some of the best P-Cap products on the market.  We will be supplying these panels as overlays through our fabrication partner in sizes ranging from 32" to over 100" with touch counts starting at 10-points and going up from there.

2015 also holds the re-launch of Perceptive Pixel, now a Microsoft product.  The new Perceptive Pixel product is particularly exciting in collaborative settings such as offices and educational centers.  The new product is designed with telepresence and collaboration in mind.  For those of you versed in the industry, you may recall the collaborative tools of yore which the original PPI team introduced at Infocomm a few years ago.  From the promo videos and little details we're allowed to talk about, the new PPI release promises to provide these functions in spades.

On the entertainment side of things, Mesa Mundi's game development team, lead by Mat Morton, has been hard at work (and will continue to be hard at work) building out the next iteration of our Virtual Table-Top product.  Unlimited Tabletop (current title) is a versatile product which introduces the concepts of ePub and eDistribution to the board and role-playing game spaces -- among other things.