New store launches!

Okay, you've got a new store.  Now what?

That's right!  We've got a new store and a new website.  The old store, and it's myriad issues are a thing of the past.  For those of you who've been with us, I want to say thank you for sticking around.  For those of you who are just discovering us, welcome!

Blog -- the plan is simple really.  I'm hoping to start a regular posting schedule in which I talk about various technologies, new and old, and how they fit into the multitouch realm.  This will be posted to our blog space and allow for quick reference for those who are interested.

FAQ -- as the blog work progresses, I'm planning to roll out a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page as well.  I'll be gathering questions from the community and our customers and consolidating these as much as possible -- you know, making a FAQ.

Catalog expansion -- this is probably the most important element.  I've been hard at work establishing partnerships and distribution lines for various multitouch technologies.  "Successful" is a nice descriptor for how I'd rate this project.  These new products will be added to our catalog and review blog entries posted as time, and the involved parties, allow.

Suggestions -- this is your part.  If you've got a suggestion or demand, let us know!  I'm more than happy to consider all external directions.  We may even be willing to offer some sort of reward for really, really good suggestions.