ZinFrameServer v5.5.x and X Slim Series Frames

Two big updates from the ZaagTech world.  The first is the X Slim Series frame.  This 19 mm wide IR Multitouch Overlay has a very "slim" bezel width.  The height from the touch surface measures in at 10.8 mm.  Keep in mind that with all of these overlays, whether their from Baanto, PQLabs or ZaagTech, you always need to add in the thickness of your adhesive and/or touch surface/acrylic.  

As a means to minimize added height ZaagTech includes a new selection of 3M double sided industrial tape.  This new material is grey and squishes down quite thin, adding no more than .25 mm - .5 mm.  I've had a lot of success with the material on attaching to both plastic and metal.

The performance on the X Slim frames are amazing.  Even at the higher touch counts, I've been seeing response times similar to the 2 and 4 touch frames. 

I'd like to talk about the second bit of news that came out of our friends at ZaagTech recently.

The introduction of the new frame brought with it a new iteration of the ZinFrameServer application -- Version 5.5.x.  The key change is the way this tool set runs on the installed system.  First let me state that for the purposes of this article, I'll be specifically discussing the Windows version of the tools, as the Mac tool is still a separate animal and has not changed all that much.

First off, the driver runs as a Windows Service.  This is key for allowing the frame to operate at the log in screen level.  The system-tray option is still accessible so the service is easily managed from the desktop.  Additionally, this version of zinFrameServer is exceptionally good at switching between frames in a multi-frame configuration.  

Interesting additional data is now visible via this tool.  You can see what version of hardware you're running off of, as well as seeing what type of frame configuration you're working with.  

Another neat feature in the new tool is an automatic pairing of touch frames.  If you connect more than one touch frame overlay to a single system running v5.5.1 or better, you'll see a drop down containing the serial number for each frame attached.  You can switch between these frames and enable TUIO, HID, Flash, or any combination of these independently for each frame!

Full Windows 7 and 8 touch support is implemented with this most recent driver update.